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Setting Yourself Up For Success in 2021

No one wants this year to be a repeat of the dreaded 2020. Though some people managed to turn it around and excel despite the chaos and utter confusion, others found it to be a traumatizing year. The hard-hitting impact of COVID-19 engulfed individuals and companies from nearly every country in the world. Just as everyone thought we were on our way back to ‘normalcy’, the second wave of coronavirus outbreaks hit major cities and even locations that were relatively untouched the first time around. This has left many with a feeling of apprehension and it seems like we have last year on replay, but we believe that there are ways to make the new year a fulfilling and fruitful time. It simply takes deliberation, some intention and a solid game plan.

Recently, Kintsu Consulting hosted a free webinar called 4 Keys to Success in 2021, where we outlined some essential things every individual and business needs to consider in order to navigate whatever course is ahead of them. Though the four elements we highlighted seem simple, they can have a very big impact on your growth trajectory and your personal sense of satisfaction. When we speak of success, we are not just talking about the amount of money you can amass in the next calendar year. We mean the quality of life you can enjoy despite the pervading sense of doom and the prevailing statistics about society and health care that can so easily distract you and derail your choice to live.

Open journal with the words "you're capable of amazing things" written artistically.
Emotional Awareness allows you to get to know yourself; both where your strengths lie and where there is room for growth.

Increase Emotional Awareness The importance of the decision to become more emotionally aware in the coming year is greatly undervalued. Knowing how you are feeling and how that influences your decision making and your relationships is something that many don’t realize can lead you in a definitive direction. People often wonder how it is that people can bounce back from a traumatic situation and find their feet after turmoil, but the key really is making a choice based on what you know you are going through internally. One’s emotions are central in guiding what action a person takes and even the line of thought that they pursue, so we would encourage you to begin the journey of emotional awareness. It will give you clarity as you plot the course for the current calendar year.

Establish Your Core Values What you believe in determines where your attention is and what you put energy into. There would be nothing more tragic than spending this year pursuing the goals and ideals of another to the detriment of your own growth and fulfillment. There is already a lot going on that you don’t want to have to struggle with, so why add your own happiness and contentment to that list as well? Core values inform your decision making and those who attended the Values Masterclass learnt how to create their list and their a value statement which guides an individual or a business as they pursue their definition of success

Establish Your Direction

To be able to measure success at the end of any period of time, you need to have decided on where you wanted to end up from the beginning. Ending up in another city is no accomplishment if you had no intention of going there, so if you want to achieve success this year you have to know where you want to go. Having a vision and possessing the ability to adapt it to the current climate is going to be invaluable as we continue with this year. We are living in unprecedented times and the ability to see yourself with your desired end result despite any unexpected changes will set you ahead of the pack.

Marble design notebook on a marble countertop with gold pen.
Take time to reflect on what you want to achieve for the future and write it all down.

Learn to Set Solid Goals Once you know where you want to go (vision) and you know why you want to go there (values), the next big question you need to ask yourself is ‘how’. The process of goal setting allows you to fill in the gaps between where you are and where you ultimately desire to be. It allows you to prepare yourself for action as well as any eventualities. This is not to say you will be able to predict the future, but you will be in the right headspace to deal with interruptions because of preparation during the goal setting process. Choose Who and What You Need Most big dreams are not achieved by the sheer willpower and abilities of a single individual but through the efforts, contributions and energy of a collective. We would encourage you to find the right people to do life with in 2021. There are people who have skills that you don’t and there are those who will simply journey with you to tell you that you can do it. On top of that, there are tools and resources that you can use to make the journey to success that much easier. Make use of apps and software to help you work smarter and get more done in less time, or at least with less energy used.

Grey themed picture of laptop, glasses, calendar and paperweight.
Get the skills and tools you need for a successful life!

Don’t let the fact that January only has a few days remaining stop you from taking the steps to make the most of the rest of 2021. It’s not just about the next few months but the rest of your life. We would rather you spend some time now learning new skills than spending months and years later trying to retrace your steps and adopt the right mindset. Get ahead of the game now and set yourself up for the success you have always wanted. Kintsu Consulting is holding the last masterclass of the month starting on Wednesday the 27th of January. Sign up for updates and more information here.

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