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Personal Development

Kintsu Consulting Group believes in helping people prepare themselves for success in all areas of life. At an individual level we are passionate about developing talents and potential, building human capital and providing employability skills. We  also facilitate activities that improve awareness and identity. Every person wants to enhance the quality of life and Kintsu Consulting Group is driven to contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.

Business Meeting

Soft Skills

Prepare for the Job Market

Whether you are straight out of school or trying to increase your chances of a promotion, taking time to develop your skill set can enhance your resume. Rather than just putting fancy words on your portfolio, let Kintsu Consulting Group actually equip you to run that business or apply for that coveted post at work.

Specific topics on offer include:

Communication | Conflict Resolution | Grooming | Workplace Etiquette | Presentation Skills  

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Life Skills

Acquire Tools for Achievement

Looking to develop your business skills? Having a hard time managing your finances from month to month? Let us guide you to full participation in life. Any problem can be overcome when you have the right skills and resources. We assess where added effort can be applied and we equip you with the skills to attain the life you desire.

Specific topics on offer include:

Financial Literacy | Stress/Anger Management | Basic Technology | Self-Awareness | Basic Etiquette


Cornerstone Collection

Planning & Productivity Now

This is the Kintsu Consulting Group series of programs that provides our clients with essential tools for productivity. We facilitate a range of creative and practical processes with individuals to increase their sense of purpose and improve time usage.

Specific areas involved are:

Value Mapping | Vision Mapping | Goal Setting | Action Planning | Time Management



Tackling Uncertainty, Taking Action

 The purpose of coaching is to work in a predetermined direction and maintain focus on set targets over a set period of time. We take a realistic look at the current situation and move our clients toward intentionally pursuing results in several areas of life.

Specific areas of coaching are:

Vision Mapping | Work-Life Balance | Change | Stress Management​ | Goal Setting | Etiquette

Book a free consultation today and find out how we can help you with your personal development plan for a more fulfilling life.

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“Yamikani is creative in her solutions and has the ability to see more to a not-so-obvious situation that needs an urgent solution.”

— Kuda Zvinoera

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