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About Our Business

Solutions for Success

Kintsu Consulting Group provides abilities and industry knowledge necessary to help you solve various issues your organization may be facing. Our consultants have insight accumulated over several years working with trusts, educational facilities and corporate groups, in retail, social enterprises as well as the banking sector.

Our years of experience are what allow us to confidently deliver the competitive business strategy and soft skills training to individuals and groups from various sectors. 

An Ethos of Excellence

At Kintsu Consulting Group, our service is driven and, thus, characterised by:


Continuous Learning



Want to experience the expertise of Kintsu Consulting Group for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

About Us: Inner_about
About Us: Inner_about
Yamikani S. Banda - Skills Development Consultant
Esther A. Banda, Lead Consultant
About Us: Inner_about

People & Enterprises

Expectations of Excellence

The founding  members of the Kintsu Consulting Group have a particular interest in the impact a person or a business has the potential to make on their immediate circumstances, community or industry. The way we structure our programs is designed to bring out the maximum benefit to both persons and enterprise particularly, in the case of companies and SMEs. With individuals and social groups, the intention is to mobilise the individuals and inspire enterprise. Though not necessarily to become business owners, but to motivate themselves to become the best possible version of their self.


When working with small to medium enterprises and in particular with social enterprises, Kintsu Consulting Group believes in operating with  the values of compassionrespect and service,  which go hand in hand with our ethos of excellence. And in the process of personnel development and soft skills training, we are driven by our ethos and the desire to see growth and success.


To find out why these values are important to us and how we incorporate them into our services, get in touch with The Kintsu Team today.

About Us: Inner_about


What the name 'Kintsu' means to us...

The purpose of consultants is to advise on how to improve existing systems, develop more from what already is, to help work out the possible kinks and perfect processes for the application of skills and use of resources. As far as soft skills training and personal development, consultants exist to help people uncover unused potential and harness known abilities for greater achievement. We hone the tools that have a significant purpose and we make use of whatever is available for success. Believing this as we do, we felt our name had to embody this in a creative way.

'Kintsu' is from the Japanese words 'kintsukuroi' and 'kintsugi' which mean to repair with gold. It is the art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum. Kintsukuroi is both an art and philosophy, where damaged ceramics would not be thrown away, but repaired. Some techniques fill the cracks with the valuable metals and in other cases, when the broken piece is missing entirely, it is completely replaced with gold.

So, at Kintsu Consulting Group, we don't throw away the broken pieces of something that, in that state, cannot work anymore. We believe there is potential in even the things that seem broken.  We also like to believe that with our ethos of excellence we must hold ourselves to a golden (or even platinum) standard. We find the gaps and fit the crucial missing pieces. In the process of adding a new element to an existing entity, we are increasing the value through deliberate, corrective action. Identifying the 'cracks' facilitates client learning, in order to avoid repeat situations.

Setting the broken pottery with precious metal ensures that more care will be taken with the mended pieces. There is no attempt to disguise the fact that it was broken, and as your consultants, Kintsu Consulting Group won't either. We are here to find the cracks and fill them with valuable input so that when you look at your life or your company, you can be proud of where you are coming from, knowing you're getting even better.

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