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Couples & Family Services

Enriching Relationships

Kintsu Consulting Group works with families and couples to improve the quality of home life and interpersonal relationships. These areas are often overlooked, though they can greatly impact general well-being. We have extended our services to accommodate this special section of personal development consultancy and offer solutions that help improve the interpersonal dynamic as it applies to families, couples* and even friendships in a fun and energizing way.

The specific areas we can address include:

Values Alignment | Vision Mapping| Family Mission Statements | Goal Setting | Conflict Resolution | Relationship Enrichment

Would you like to enrich the quality of your personal and family relationships? Contact us today. 

*Clients should, however, note that this is not marriage guidance and counselling. If there are issues our consultants feel would best be dealt with in therapy, we will happily recommend a qualified professional affiliated to our company.

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