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We Haven't Forgotten You!

We recently exhibited at the Gateway High School Careers Fair and we met several wonderful students who fit under at least one of the following categories:

  • you have a clear idea of what it is you are going to do at the next academic level, i.e. O' Level, A' Level or university

  • you want to get into business or are interested in entrepreneurship

  • you know you want to do something after you finish school but you don't really know what your options are

  • you have no idea what you are going to do once you finish school because:

a) it's not really up to you,

b) you've never really thought about it or

c) you've thought about it but you don't know how to go about choosing an academic or career path

Honestly, The Kintsu Team had some amazing conversations about your dreams and what the future holds and we know we promised to keep in touch. You've inspired us to write directly to you.

Allow Us to (re)Introduce Ourselves

You may have questions about who we are and we want you to have something to tell your parents and friends, too. So here are some basics:

Are we coaches?

Yes, in a way, that's exactly what we are. We are a team of consultants with over ten years experience with training and development for both teens and adults. We like to work with people closely and to see them achieve their goals, just like a coach would. The Kintsu Team offers a wealth of experience and understanding to help you with your goals and dreams.

Are we a registered company... and are we experienced?

Yes... and yes! You are in safe hands. Our work history is traceable and we are a legitimate organization. Kintsu Consulting Group registered as a company in 2017, but the people who design and run our programs have been working in training and development since 2006. Some of our associates have been at it even longer than that... you can do the math!

What exactly do we do?

Kintsu Consulting Group conducts both one-on-one coaching and group-oriented programs that help with business strategy and development as well as life skills, which is a range of soft (or non-technical) skills that help you Life skills help you navigate life, build self confidence, realize and capitalize on opportunities. In short, we want to see you grow and achieve your goals and we can give you tools to manage that. Kintsu is here to equip and educate anyone who wants to function better at work, school or even in social situations. The skills we offer increase your chances of personal or professional success.

We're Looking Forward...

We haven't forgotten that we promised you a goal setting and vision boarding workshop during the August holidays and we are so excited about what we have in store for you. If you can identify with any of the descriptions we listed about (on the scale of not sure at all to pretty sure about your future) this workshop will help you figure things out and create a clear picture of where you are headed and what you need to do.

Event Summary

Most Likely Date

As we indicated at the fair, the venue will depend on the response, but we are looking to have the workshop on the 18th of August, which is a Saturday. Make a note in your phone and you could also let us know now if that date is convenient.

Workshop Focus

Helping you create goals for the next 6-12 months and teaching you how to form an action plan to accompany those goals, in order for you to actually accomplish them.


Goal Setting + Vision Boarding + Intro to Action Planning = creativity & fun!

We will use a tool called a vision board, which is a creative yet practical way to keep your eyes on the prize, quite literally. You will get the chance to make your own so that the skills lessons are real and effective.

Value in Attending

  • You can take both the skills and the vision board home, to keep the motivation fresh.

  • It's specifically for your age group.

  • You'll meet and share ideas with other high school or gap year students who are also trying to figure out what the future holds for them.

  • You'll meet people who have already started - and some who have finished- university for real life insight about the future after high school

  • The skills you learn can be applied to prepare for or organize any area of your life.

It's not going to be an ordinary day in the classroom, we can assure you now!

We hope to hear from you before we release the full event details. Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch via social media. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Until next time!

The Kintsu Team

If you didn't attend the Gateway Careers Fair, don't worry! The workshop is open to the relevant ages and we have a line of services open to everyone else. Find out more here.

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