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Upcoming Events: Goals4Gold & 2ndHalf

We are counting down the days until our two goal setting events and we are very excited. The workshops are going to be held at the Royal Harare Gold Club and we will first host teenagers before our second event for adults, at the same venue.

General Information

Both events are vision boarding and goal setting workshops, where participants will learn about goal setting and motivation through the creative process of making a vision board.

A vision board is a visual representation of the things you want to achieve. It will help you bring all your dreams into perspective and allow you to focus on what needs to be done to realise those dreams. We will assist you in creating a visual map that you can take home and revisit whenever you need motivation.

We will take all the participants through the process of using this practical goal setting tool, which takes advantage of the way the mind associates action with visual cues. This is a great way to make what is in your mind visible for daily motivation.


0900 - 1230hrs

$10 per person

Materials provided, bring one magazine of your choice, if you can.

Age: 13 - 19 years old

For this session, we will be focusing on creating a map for the academic and career goals of participants in their teens. While the process can be replicated to focus on any area of life, the emphasis for the teenagers during Goals4Gold will be the issues that weigh them down, overwhelm and distract them. We will be highlighting the use of the vision board as a practical tool and show the participants how it can help establish direction and keep them focused.

Follow the link and register for Goals4Gold here. Payment details will be availed to you once you fill in and submit the form.


1400 - 1730hrs

Pay what you think it's worth

Materials provided, bring one magazine of your choice, if you can.

Age: 20+ years old

Catering to a broader audience, this event is for adults, particularly for young professionals, entrepreneurs and people who want some change in their lives. The purpose is to facilitate an environment where they are able to visualize and articulate their ideal circumstances. We will look at various types of vision boards and help participants identify the one that is best suited to their mindset. Furthermore, the participants of 2ndHalf will be given access to a number of goal setting and action planning techniques to guide the process.

Follow the link and register for 2ndHalf here.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We really wouldn't want you to miss this.

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