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Vision Boarding 101!

As promised last week, we're rolling it out! The vision boarding workshop where we will coach the participants on how to bring dreams and ideas into perspective, in order to achieve goals set for any area of life. Vision boarding is a powerful tool to help people channel their energy and their focus to the right activities and attitudes for clarity in pursuing life goals, ambitions and relationships.

Vision Boarding is a goal setting activity which provides you with a visual representation of the things you want to achieve.

It isn’t a complicated process. We can guarantee that it will help you bring all your dreams into perspective and allow you to focus on what needs to be done to realise those dreams. We will assist you in creating a visual map that you can take home and revisit whenever you need motivation.

We will take all the participants through the process of using this practical goal setting tool, which takes advantage of the way the mind associates action with visual cues. This is a great way to make what is in your mind visible for daily motivation. It's practical, it's engaging and it is proven to work. Join us for this session to create a blue print for the coming year.

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