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The Masterclass

Another Step in the Journey of Self-Awareness

Last year made everyone a little more aware of their head space. Some businesses closed while others slowed down or shifted their strategy to accommodate the satellite workers and remote customers. Families found themselves spending a lot more time together than they were used to and friends had to find new ways to socialise and connect in order to keep one another safe but keep bonds strong.


People across contexts experienced feelings that weren’t familiar and some struggled to find ways to face and deal with them, while others found the global pandemic of coronavirus as an opportunity to rediscover themselves and find new pathways to good mental health and an overall sense of wellbeing.


Perhaps you are one of the individuals who didn’t have a successful survival plan and you weren’t sure what to do with yourself physically and socially, let alone emotionally.

What were your pressure points and ‘triggers’?

What worried you the most?

Where did you find your solace/peace?


Being able to answer questions like the ones above are an indication of emotional awareness. If you still struggle to find the answers to such questions or you shy away from anything that requires you to understand your own feelings better, perhaps this introductory class is for you.

Emotional Awareness


In this masterclass, we will be sharing a bit about why it’s important to have emotional awareness and what some of the barriers may be to your own emotional growth. We’ll touch on ways to develop your awareness and more.

Because the concept of self-awareness is such a broad one and one’s emotions are a vast topic on their own, we will not be able to fully unpack it in the the short impactful sessions we have in store for you, but we will give the essentials on how to begin this enriching and fulfilling journey to greater awareness.

Want a sneak peek of the program?

  • What is emotional awareness, what is emotional intelligence?

  • 3 Benefits of Being Emotionally Aware

  • 3 Hurdles to Better Emotional Awareness

  • 3 Ways to Develop Awareness

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See you in the Masterclass!!


We will be providing companion worksheets for those who attend all the masterclass sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions are available for anyone who wants to master their sense of self-awareness.



Each session is a maximum of 30 mins so you won't get tired sitting in front of your computer and can get more time to put what you learn into practice.


When you attend the Introduction to Emotional Awareness classes you will

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself

  • Begin to understand some of the things that may be hindering your emotional growth

  • Find ways that work for you to improve or enhance your emotional awareness


Date: 22 February

Time: 16:00 CAT (GMT +2)

Cost: Free

(coaching sessions available upon request for $15 each for a limited time only)


All the sessions will be available in our special Kintsu Masterclass Facebook Group.

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