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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

SKU: 364215375135191

Set goals to identify what you want to accomplish and establish measurable objectives and time frames. It is a motivation technique used to increased performance and satisfaction across areas of life


  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Refreshments available
  • Materials supplied
  • An Organisational Skills Workshop

    Goal setting is what we call a soft skill, in that it is not technical (like engineering or carpentry). It is something that you can use across any area of your life to create order and flow.


    This is something you should consider doing if you are about to or have  just made a major change in your life. It is also a great program fro business-owners, gap years students and college graduates.

  • Additional Information


    Terms and conditions for individual sessions

    • The Individual Session is for one person only.
    • The payment must be made in full before the date of the event.
    • Should you wish to change the nature of your session, we reserve the right to charge you for said adjustments
    • The entire session must be held within a single day.
    • Further details of what the session entails are available upon request.

    Contrary to what is stated within the basic terms of the product advertisement, online meetings will incur a different cost depending on the following conditions:

    • time difference between locations
    • our ability to ship the basic vision boarding materials to you
    • the stability of your internet connection (which we will attempt to test prior to session commencement)
    • any unforeseen circumstances that would place a cost on the consultants.


    Please note that depending on your location, the price will indeed vary and you may be required to source the materials for yourself, with our guidance as far as we can offer it from our location.

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